After months of arithma-sticks and Sit-rature, I had my first round of exams! My friends and I had our GDBart assessments to see what our future might hold. Now, I understand why my hoomans want so many cuddles when they have their exams, they’re tough stuff! My hooman said that I did a good job and there were just a few things that I need to work on. Sometimes, I’m a bit slow to do what I’m asked. I know what I’m doing, I’m just a bit too laid back man! I’m going to work really hard at being speedy on my cues from now on.

There’s another super-speedy side of me that loves going on adventures and I’m sooo eager to jump into the car, that one day, I bonked my head when hooman was closing the door. Oops, ouch, but I was okay. I learned pretty fast to wait until I’m told “car”. Yup, I’m working on my patience. Speed up and slow down – that’s my new way. Overall, August has been a fun month of sunny walks and mini adventures!

Submitted by: Kelley Fripps Cheung