This month was full of stop and go (not BGN, though!)

Even though it was cold, I still got to go out and enjoy a lot of outdoor Christmas trees! I went to Campbell Valley Park lots, some dog parks, and Crescent Beach with my girls Finesse and Nootka. I also got to see a lot of Christmas lights in my walks around my neighbourhood. Some even matched my light-up collar!!

I also had to patiently wait in lines at stores, post offices and at home. When I say patiently at home, it’s cause I had to deal with all the cuddles from my person-sister patiently. OK, maybe they were not all bad… OK, maybe it was nice to snuggle by the fire… OK, FINE, maybe I loved all the snuggles, but I don’t think I’ll ever say I do.

I’ve also been working on my skills, being a good girl and all that. Apparently, Santa Paws requires it, and ya girl loves treats. So I kept up my patience and extended my duration to sit, down and stand. Although for my dress, I was told I had to be more aggressive — seems contradictory to being nice and good for Santa. I always get dressed happily, but I’ve been putting more full force energy into it. Yes, let’s say energy, not more aggressive – I think Santa Paws would like that better. I have to admit that Christmas is the season to be friendly, but COVID makes me really sad that we can’t all be together. I always want to go say hi to people and give season greetings. Unfortunately, this means I’ve been working on focusing on my handler and not on other dogs. So that’s my New Years’ or Christmas wish! Seeing my friends more in the new year!!

Submitted by: Meghan Cheung