July was all about seeing my friends again, while also staying safe! First, I went for a play date with seven of my bestest PADS pals at the dog park. It was so good to run around and play with them again! Zoom classes and calls are just not the same when you’re a dog! After that I spent a week in the city. This meant daily walks at one of my favorite places – Pacific Spirit Park. I got to meet lots of new friends and because I’m now an experienced P.S.Park’er I set a good example with my excellent trail recall.

The month wasn’t just outdoors activities, we went to restaurants, stores, and visited a funky cidery. With my hooman friends I got to be part of the ladies who lunch! (Please note the Broadway musical reference – I’ve been getting cultured in the FINE ARTS this lockdown, thank you very much 😀 ) . Eventually we left the “bright lights, big city” (another Broadway reference – ok I’ll stop) and went to visit the farm. It’s a huge field, right beside a lake! I have so much fun going there and smelling farmy things.

To end the month, I got to go visit my old pal Queenie’s hoomans! We had a fun day together while my hoomans went to a wedding. Play dates to start and end the month, what a great month!

Submitted by: Kelley Fripps Cheung