This month I went apartment shopping.  I got to test how comfortable the carpets were in my “down”, how slippery the hardwood floors were in my “sit”,  and how nice the outdoor space was for my recall.  I gave it 10 out of 10 paws!

But apparently it’s not an apartment in which I will live out my upper teenage years.  It’s for my grand-pawpau [Pau Pau means “grandmother on your mother’s side” in Cantonese – I’ve moved from arithma-sticks to lingui-sticks!]

I got to explore a new den in my house this month.  My pawrents go through this door that is right beside my bed.  I’ve seen it before, but I did not like it at the time – I would NOT go with them.  But then, THIS month, my PawMa went down there with the vacuum andI LOVE the vacuum.  So I chased after her and wow, there’s a whole new place for me to play!  Now I want to go down there all the time, especially since my Swiss Sis is now visiting during this paw-ndemic.

We have strangely stopped going to class.  I don’t know why I can’t see my furends, but whatever has happened, now I have to do soooo many more things at home!  My PawPa asked me to lay down for a whole 20 minutes… but that wasn’t too hard, ’cause they told me I was a good girl lots of times!  I also had to sit still for 5 minutes.  Now my Pawmilysays I have Shakira hips – when I wag my tail, when I walk and sometimes even when I sit!  So I’m working on making sure my hips don’t lie and that they stay in line and don’t move for the whole time.

Anyways, it’s nice having so many people home with me all the time.  Even though I’m not allowed to wear my cape right now, I still feel like I’m doing an important job by staying safe at home.

Submitted By: Kelley Fripps Cheung