Pepsi cola, coca-cola, seven up!
This month I went on a puppy swap!

PADS pup Minnie and I swapped raisers for two weeks this month. At the new house they had a buddy for me named Pepsi! He was much older and wiser and when I wanted to be snuggle buddies on his comfy bed, he let me. He is nice. He and Fuji also helped me work on my dog distraction. I am now waayy better at resisting the temptation to pop over and visit all the other dogs I see when we go on walks. I also got to go to a good ol’ hockey game and visit Simon Fraser University with my swap raiser. My paw-ma was really happy that I visited SFU, while my UBC alum paw-pa say’s I’m not exemplifying my breed’s loyalty.

I have now reached peak teenager attitude and I don’t care about shoes, slippers, tea towels, or anything that’s around my house. HOWEVER I am now super interested in being social and hanging out with friends. I had lots of play dates and park walks with my PADS friends and even went to a Girls Get Together at my girl Finesse’s house. I love to go dancing with my friends. Although my paw-ma says I need to keep my moves to the dance floor ‘cause I tend to dance my best when I’m holding my duration stands and my friends are around….. ya girl just wants to boogie!

I’m also learning about heels. Fortunately not the ones that my raiser sometimes wears. Personally I think a nice Blue heel would definitely fit my image. Heel is the opposite of Side, this I know, but sometimes I get confused at which is which. Ya girl doesn’t have opposable thumbs to tell me which way is right and which is left! But I’m learning.

Submitted By: Kelley Fripps Cheung