I am becoming a strong, independent, woman or at least that’s what my Paw-Ma told me this month. I first heard it when I jumped into the giant moving machine. When I was little, my people would lift me into it, but this month I figured out that I can jump in all by myself! I like being strong and independent, it made my people very happy which meant I got even more snuggles and cuddles. Except then they wanted to give me too many cuddles which really didn’t help my new independent swagger.

One of my people told me that she was very thankful for me at the beginning of the month. I gave her kisses cause I’m thankful for her too. I’m also super thankful for the new dog park that just opened by my house, I have had many playdates with my PADS friends there. I have also been on more visits to university to further my “arithmasticks” and the pawsome forest beside it.

I am not thankful for the rain. For example, we went for a walk to a school so that one of my people could put a paper in a box. I got to see a whole bunch of people who said I was such a good girl, but no one could pet me cause I was in my cape and rain coat! On top of that, while their paws were all warm and dry, mine were covered in rain. Rain which is getting colder every day. Don’t these people know that I’m a California girl by birth? I’m not used to all this sky water!

A highlight of this month was the night when everyone kept telling me that I was an incredible dog. My people put me in a red, black, and yellow suit and suddenly everyone was calling me a superhero! Although, everyone kept laughing and saying “No capes!” which I didn’t understand because my cape does give me superpowers! Maybe now that I’m a superhero, I can fly into the car now? Zoom zoom (but no zoomies)

Submitted By: Kelley Fripps Cheung