My hoomans told me that this month is about being thankful. Well, let me tell ya, I had a LOT to be thankful for. We went on lots of walks and I got to watch the harvest of the cranberry fields. I got to go into the city to visit my sisters and have a big celebration. AND I got to see my friends cause we had an in-person puppy class.

I got to show off how much I’ve been working on my precise foot and body positions in all my skills and how much stronger my loose leash walking is getting.

To finish off the whole month, my Paw-Ma made me my very own princess costume. I always knew I was a princess, but now I have my very own tiara! I got to cuddle by the outdoor fire and say hi to some little hoomans who came to get candy (from a safe distance of course!!!). There were also some sparkly things that went into the sky. They’re pretty and my hoomans said I was such a good girl cause I sat completely calmly when they made a loud noise. What can I say, diamonds on my tiara, sparkles in the sky, it was a great end to the month!

Submitted by: Meghan Cheung