September started with a visit to a great big airport and then my house got very quiet. I managed to have long, uninterrupted naps which I think helped me to grow about a thousand times bigger. On one of my energetic romps in the forest I visited with some older PADS pups. They’re really good at their skills and they have so much they can teach me. After we practiced good walking, we got to run and play in a big field where cars used to race. We had so much fun! I’m super happy to have such great new friends! That was just the start because soon after that, I spent a whole bunch of days at what felt like puppy heaven.

I stayed with new people friends and they have two other pups, if you can believe it! I was so excited at first that I couldn’t even sleep and just kept nudging my new pals… but they like to snooze I guess. I just wanted to play and play and play! Wow, it was so exciting but after a couple of days I caught on. We worked out a good routine of playing and then chilling out. Laying low with my two buddies makes me really happy now too. I spent a whole week at high school again where I visited with a lot of really cool humans. They’re a very loving bunch and we laughed a lot. It was total cuddle overload, yay! I hope I can visit all my new friends again soon.

Submitted By: Kelley Fripps Cheung