Sun and rain and wind let me be the adventure dog that I love to be, this month!  See, I’m an adaptable dog – the environment doesn’t rain on my parade.  I got to explore some new forests and trails as well as some wide open dikes.  Let me tell you, I used them as my runway… literally I ran so fast.  Wind in my hair.  Paris and Milan fashion week are wishing I could travel there!

While I didn’t do any international travel, I did spend a week in the city and a few weekends in the countryside.  My hooman says it’s good for me to stay in different places so I can get used to changes.   See, I’m adaptable and versatile!  Look at me go!


If you’re sensing a renewed confidence in me this month it’s because I’ve been really working and improving on a lot of my skills.

After all, September is back to school month, which means that we were back to Zoom classes with Dana.

I’m trying for perfect positioning in heel and side, and working on my sit, stand and down positions while on perches.



Now, some models in Paris might subscribe to the belief that the best photos are taken in motion, and in heels, but I’m still a little unbalanced in mine.  But with the runway work and all this practice, I’m gonna be striking those confident side and heel poses in no time!

I’m also improving my self control when meeting people.  Since my hoomans and I have been keeping our bubble small, it’s become much more exciting to see new people.  People like seeing me too, so it’s not like I’m maaaakkkkinnng them say hi to me.  Maybe it’s because the new fox-eye make-up trend is essentially a copy of my naturally divine Cleopatra eyes, and they want some make-up tips from me.  It would just be rude not to return the greeting, no?  Harumph.  My hoomans don’t agree.  I suppose this is the life of a model, they’ll need to look and admire, and I’ll need to get better at being indifferent to the attention.

Just wait until next fashion season, I’ll be perfectly professional. Watch out Cindy Crawford, a new super model is on the rise!

Submitted By: Meghan Cheung