Aside from the usual, shops, public transit, work etc this month Mocha went to a very loud concert at the Commodore. She was so great. We put ear protection over her ears and she didn’t try to take them off even once. Needless to say people loved her. She also went to the big Remembrance day ceremony at the Cenotaph downtown, experienced lots of loud noises, canons, marching bands, etc – no problem. We also went to a few Christmas markets, craft fairs, and sample sales – the hardest part of being in those tight spaces was educating people about not petting her without permission. Many people seem to enjoy putting their faces in Mocha’s so they can get licked. We tell Mocha not to lick people’s faces but how can she resist when they squat down and put their face within one inch of her mouth and ask for kisses?

Submitted By: Dawn and Matt Milman Thompson