My tall raiser left on November 1st for a 6-week sailing trip – this meant that I got to have the short raiser all to myself, although she, too, went away for a few days and I got to stay with my brother Greco’s new raisers for a few days. They are “pawesome” and took me to the Circle Craft Christmas Craft Fair.

The weather has gotten much colder, so short raiser has started turning on the fireplace daily.  It is my most favourite spot.  On occasion she will even get down on the floor and cuddle with me – so cozy.

I went to a de-stress event with Cirque last week but was so excited to see her that my raiser had to take me outside a few times so that I would calm down.  When I did calm down I got to meet a whole bunch of students studying business.  They thought I was the cutest puppy – of course.

Submitted By: Meredith Areskoug