This month was so exciting as I got to go with my raisers and Kylo to the PADS graduation ceremony. I saw some of my pals graduate as working dogs and I was able to keep my cool in the audience and on the bus/skytrain ride to and from the venue. Kylo and I also went to Nanaimo for Thanksgiving and we were rock stars on the buses and ferry. While in Nanaimo we had a visit with released dog Cranberry (now Cora) and she took us on an epic forest walk with her person Liz. Kylo and I had to have a bath when we got back to the house as we were so muddy. I was very well behaved at Thanksgiving dinner and was calm and sat nicely when little people wanted to pet me.

Last weekend we went to visit PADS Blake who was staying with sitters Shawn and Cathy. Unfortunately, we had to be separated while the people had dinner as all we wanted to do was play. Finally, at the Halloween party I was so well behaved that my raisers thought I was a different dog! My costume was a tribute to my namesake so I had to be a good girl. My raisers hard work on our group costume payed off, as we won our division’s costume contest.

Submitted By: Meredith Areskoug