We went on a short adventure this month. One of our good friends went away for some time this month so we went to stay at their house to experience life with Groot the cat and a little bit more the city life. We live in a below ground basement suite so windows are not something I experienced so watching the world go by through the front windows was a big hit. Life with Groot was very much a hoot. He likes to ambush us puppers so he kept me on my toes when walking around the house.

This month the nicer weather finally began gracing us with its presence and this allowed us to have my second ever “in puppy” puppy class. It was so much fun to practice some skills alongside some of my fellow doggos in training frens. The hooman reports I was the goodest girl and earned many treatos. Could definitely get used to having some regular classes with my frens again. Of course the nicer weather meant many more outside adventures in the forest and down by the river because well service dogs get to have fun too.

Submitted by: Tiff Spenard