Back to the mainland for me and off to see another fabulous sitter!! 

I’ve stayed with this sitter before, so it didn’t take me long to slip back into the swing of things with them. I got to experience so many great things for a puppy in training. With my heat being done, I was able to start getting back out for public outings, and I sure got many experiences with this during this sitter stay. I got to share some major wiggles and work on nice greetings visiting the care home. I had some trips to the stores and even got some more practice channelling my inner chill during the workdays at my sitter’s work from a home office. Oh, and did I mention I turned 1 this month!! My sitter threw me a bday party, and all my favourite stuffies were invited, and I even got a brand new stuffie. I think, no correction, I KNOW, I luffs him. 

As the month draws to an end, I can’t help but get excited because I soon get to go back home to my puppy raisers as the buppies will be heading off to begin their journeys just like me. 

It truly takes a village, and I am pretty fond of the village I have.

Submitted by: Tiff Spenard