September was an exciting month in our household. Mainly because one of my puppy roommates, PADS breeding dog Freya found out she’s pregnant. 

This means I’ll be going on a big sitter adventure very soon. So the hooman and I took full advantage of our time together this month, so I’m well prepared for what new things may come my way during my time with the sitters. One of the more exciting things I did this month was I went to my first outdoor play!! My bestest doggo friend bandits hooman was acting in a play, and he’s one of our biggest supporters, so we wanted to return the support and head out in the rain to watch. 

Like always, the hooman made a good balance of work and play, so this meant equal trips for trail walkies and outings to the stores. 

The month capped off with my biggest adventure yet when I headed off to my first sitter adventure. This meant going on a BOAT!!!! I can only imagine the adventures that will come next month when I starts this way. 

Submitted by: Tiff Spenard