I only had Mudge for about half of the month as Meredith & Henrik had her for 2 weeks. When she came home I also had Foley and Halo, Vimy came over for several play dates. Vimy & Foley get quite wound up and can get rough. I noticed when this happens Mudge grabs a toy and gets between the two pups trying to redirect them. She has endless energy, loves to play with other dogs, but is very kind and gentle with them – they all love her too. She had a busy month going to the PNE, protecting her eyes from the eclipse, playing with friends – many of whom seem to be white labs. Mudge is a very sweet pup who loves snuggling with half sister Folie and smelling the sweetpea’s. She is very safety conscious, checking for the life saver on the ferry and insisting on eye protection for the eclipse. Mudge is also famous for her rocket recall as evidenced by the “ready for takeoff” set of her ears

Submitted By: Teri Banks