MUDGE spent a couple weeks in May on a road trip with her trainer. She traveled well and was ready to work in every new location. She had a great visit with the PADS Okanagan group and was able to demo some of her skills for their puppies in training. Mudge is continuing to work on dogs as a competing motivator, particularly in situations where she is surprised by another dog in a public access area. Mudge has also been working with prospective puppy raisers, introducing them to working with an eager dog who thinks and moves fast in training.

  • Skills being learned: Maintaining all basic obedience and public access manners, anxiety interruption behavior.
  • Recent field trips: PADS Okanagan, See Spot Run, Cottonwood House, Starlight Drive-In.
  • Possible behavior challenges: Impulse control, dog distraction.
  • Potential career path: PTSD

Thank you again for all your support of Advanced Dog Mudge!

Submitted by: Advanced Trainer Dana Gallagher