Mudge spent 2 weeks on the farm in Pemberton along with Folie and I – she was great with the other dogs of various size, age, temperments as well with the cats who love her as she let them rub up against her. She unfortunately stepped off a deck onto a pool cover which of course sank, she learned that she can swim, but really doesn’t like it. She loves to play in water that she can touch the bottom. She went to a work function on Bowen Island, did awesome with the noise, crowds and motion of the ferry, held an impressive 3 hour go in without popping up once for attention. Lots of hikes (mostly we are on leash and only off leash in remote safe areas without other people), restaurants, dentist appointments, dinner parties. She is a very presentable dog and always gets invited back, even from my non dog friends.

Submitted By: Teri Banks