Lilo in her vest, lying down looking at camera with her front paws crossed.

April Showers bring May Flowers. I love the rain! When off leash, I can find a puddle with my doggo radar…beep beep beep!

This month we learnt “bed”, “here”, “go in”, doggo distractions, “stand”, “car” and duration of our other cues. So much to learn BUT I am ready for the challenge. I love the yummy treats and a lot of HIP HIP Hoorays, sometimes I only want the big hugs, kisses and clapping not the treats…WELL…sometimes!

I really have enjoyed spending time with different sitters this month. Its been PADSawesome. Every sitter has helped me with my cues and tips! I feel lucky to spend time with sitters. Often, I forget to say goodbye to my raisers when they drop me off. I love love my raisers but if there is learning to be had and some fun (obviously treats too), then I say, lets get the day started! Kudos to PADS sitters.

This month we went over to Vancouver Island, which I love. We stayed in my favourite hotel and they even had a doggy bed and homemade treats waiting for me! I snoozed under several tables, walked along the ocean in Victoria & Parksville and had a quick little puppy date in Nanaimo. We also stopped by to take a photo of Howard, the Worlds Largest Gnome on our way to Parksville.

Much Love, Muse

Submitted By: Nicole Kopchia