This month we were out and about running lots of errands. Costco seemed to be the best place to shop. So many people and delicious smells but I kept my cool. We took a few breaks to just people watch. Everybody going everywhere.

I am working on settling in restaurants and coffee shops. I like to watch the action.

Guess what, I spotted Santa a few times this month and even had my picture taken with him. We put up our Christmas tree and I loved sitting by the tree.

So many opportunities to see Christmas lights this month; Lafarge lake was magical.

My raisers went away for a few days and I spent some time with sitters, and they were awesome! I spent Christmas with my half brother PADS Canyon (He is so big!). and had a Christmas walk with my brother PADS Quill.

We watched fireworks from our deck, and it was interesting watching the lights. But then it was way past my bedtime, so I put myself to bed! Us puppies-in-training like to snooze.

GOODBYE 2019 and HELLO 2020.

Very best,

Submitted By: Nicole Kopchia