This month I have been working on my cues and duration. We train every day and then I go out to run around on the trails or go on puppy playdates. I truly love it!

My raisers dressed me up for Valentine’s day and I was beautiful. Everywhere I walked, I offered some valentine snuggles for everyone. I don’t mind dressing up, it makes everyone so happy!

My best times this month were spending time with PADS Yelena. She stayed with us for a few days. We were like peanut butter and jam! I loved having a little buddy 24/7. We played, snuggled, played, snuggled and then we trained together! As PADS Yelena was just nine weeks old, she watched and learned from me (when she was not biting my face). I played so gentle and loved playing keep-away with Yelena. I think everyone needs to have a chance to be a big sister as it was awesome.

Much love, Muse

Submitted By: Nicole Kopchia