Happy Valentine’s and Fab February!

This month we had a “Walk & Talk” with PADS trainers at the mall. I was nervous, but I did pretty well. I have a few things for me to work on. This month we are continuing to work on durations, settling and “Go In,” trying to be as small as possible under a table.

We visit our grocery store, and I think my raisers like to eat! Our trips are short, and I am working on focus. Sometimes if it is taking too long, I let them know I need a time out. After we do training, I get to be released to go to the park. I can shake off and have a little fun.

My human Brother likes to spend time with me. It’s because of him that I have mastered the kibble toss! I love it and him.

I spent a few walks with PADS Nana, PADS Dory, PADS Scooby, PADS Cana and many others. The PADS community keeps us pups connected, and everyone is my puppy friends. I mean, like, I love doggies, but you need to chase me!

Much Love, Muse

Submitted by: Nicole & Ryan