January 2020! Snow, Snow, Snow…

It seemed to be either snowing or raining. Either way, nothing stops me to get outside to work or play. My raisers bought me a raincoat this month. I like it, it does not bother me at all. The hat keeps falling off but who does not like raindrops on your nose or snowflakes on your eyelashes (those are some of my favorite things).

There were many opportunities to work on my cues with my pads puppy friends and we celebrate with running around in the parks and trails. I have a lot of energy and wake from a nap easily to work on my cues or go out on a field trip.

This month my sitter took me to school with them and the kiddos were the best. Lots of cuddles and I found the best feet to snooze on while they worked. 

I have been working on my durations, distractions and settling in restaurants/coffee shops.

Much love, Muse

Submitted By: Nicole Kopchia