Happy New Year!

We had a “Zoom” kind of New Year’s Eve. Personally, I had zoom zoom zoomies with my family on an adventure walk!

The bestest of New Years’ was to see by Momma PADS Cadence (The Story Litter)! Pads Lore (my brother) and released Story (my sister) frolicked in the woods with us. Momma Cadey always keeps us inline! It was the bestest day.

January was full of rainy, gloomy days, but my raisers always keep us busy (and snoozes). I went to the mall, grocery stores, Ikea (of course) and eye doctor for my raiser. It was taking too long, and I let her know it was time to go. After we do training, I get to be released to go to the park. I can shake off and have a little fun. Once in a while, I sneak in some kisses to say thank you!

This month we worked on durations & settling collar pressure and “Go In,” trying to be as small as possible under a table. The neighbours make lots of noise, and it makes me want to join in. So, I am working on settling when I hear them. Always a work in progress.

Wishing you the very best; Much Love, Muse

Submitted By: Nicole & Ryan