Happy Birthday Canada!!

In July, we had lots of family come to visit from Alberta and I loved hanging out with them. 

Let’s be honest, I love hanging out with everyone!

This month we spent more time at the malls, a few fairs and even a pool! 

We also had a cool field trip to learn about Ambulances, Fire Trucks and Firefighter in Uniform. I had no problems going into the ambulance, jumping onto different surfaces and saying hi to the firefighter.  I thought the firefighter was awesome and I tried to lick his face shield to say hi.

I spent time with many other PADS dogs, and they are soooooo much fun! My bestest outdoor adventures were at Buntzen Lake, Mundy Park and of course UBC!

We are using the Seabus, Skytrain and buses more often.  I like to go under seats and smile.  My raiser is proud and it seems to make people’s day, because they smile back.

This month we continued with “Perch”, “Jump On” and doggo distractions. “Here” is one of my favourite cues, as I know I get treats and hugs.  I am still working on my brakes! Sending lots of Love, Muse

Submitted By: Nicole Kopchia