Sound the trumpets, I am loving this thing called “Spring”. From the moment I wake up, I am ready for my adventures and inspiration.

We have learnt some new cues like “chin”, “touch” and “roll”. If I get a little belly rub, “roll” is my favorite FUR sure.

I am working very hard with my “down” cue…feet first then bum…feet first then my bum…is my mantra! I am very confident in my loose leash so my raisers can just click my leash onto their waists. This means another hand free to access more treats for me!!

I have been to a few puppy sitters during the day and each time has been a new experience. I really enjoy meeting new people and places. When I come home, I seem to feel more confident to try new things. I especially enjoy PADS play dates. PADS pups are so easy to hang out with. They just get me! I get so excited to hang out with “The Story Litter” peeps in Puppy Kindergarten at PADS. How lucky am I, seriously? We learn together and we play together.

I was a special guest at Cove Cliff Elementary to meet some littles. And guess what! They said they would like me to come back and be their teacher…but I will settle for belly rubs, hugs and kisses. They were so nice and I felt so comfortable.

The best thing that happened in March is that we got to meet my Sponsor. That was PAWesome! She is amazing and knows so much. I impressed her with my snoozing under the table. Congrats me.

Much Love,

Submitted By: Nicole Kopchia