This month started normally enough. With the strange things happening around the world, though, we, as PADS dogs, temporarily hung up our vests to help our raisers stay healthy.

I hung out with my co-worker furriends (see the picture of PADS Dory), and doing training.

I worked on cues, like Perch, Go In, Stand, Down and a few more!  I practiced the mechanics of the cues and duration, duration, duration.



I still train, though!  There is no kibble shortage like this TP thing people are talking about!  We do more work from home now, around the neighbourhood and in a few parks when we can maintain a good social distance.  In one of my photos, I measured the “Social Distance of 6 feet” with the help of doggo “Teddy”.

We have to stay clean.  Baths seem to always be okay [darn it].  I do not love bath time, but I sure do love the towel drying.  Sometimes when my raiser says “shake” I shake while she holds the towel, so I do not wet the walls, the floor, them, etc.……

Much Love, Muse

Submitted By: Nicole Kopchia