May Flowers! I love all the new smells and freshly mowed lawn!
This month was about playdates with other PADS pups. They are the best playmates! They understand “Bitey Face” and I LOVE a game of Tug-of-War (like really LOVE).
We went on a field trip to the BC Ambulance and Fire Station. We experienced an ambulance and how to go in the stairs and sit. I was nervous about the stairs, but I am eager. We practiced loud sounds with the ambulance and fire truck. I live near by a busy street and often hear those sounds just not so close! But even with the lights I was a champ. Oh, I met a Fire Fighter in full gear, and I was happy to lick her face (her mask).
My raisers and us adventured in Squamish, BC. We went to Britannia Mines, Sea to Sky Gondola, Cool parks and West Coast Heritage Rail Park. In town I am riding the SkyTrain, Seabus, and transit. I have met a few cats, “meow”. I like them but sometimes not sure if they like me.
We are continuing “Here” cue and working on distractions. I am enjoying snoozes on my new bed and have a few teddies I like to snuggle with.
More adventures and loving to come!

Much Love, Muse

Submitted By: Puppy raiser Nicole Kopchia