May 2020!

This month we had sunny days! We have been doing our part to ensure social distancing. All PADS pups are on a cape break. We are still training! Just not out and about as much as we were before. My raisers have been around, and there have been lots of kibbles to be had! We have mastered our neighbourhood walks and ventured off on a few trails that are not too busy. And yes, I got a little muddy (see pictures)!

I was super excited for a family reunion of the Story Litter. Cadence & Balfour (mama and papa), Quill (bro), Lore (bro), Story (sis) and me! Missing were Whimsy, Legend, Fable and Lyric. We had lots of FUN, FUN. I know my siblings instantly anytime we play together!

Enjoy my photos!

Much love,

Submitted By: Nicole Kopchia