“Go In” is the cue we use for us PADS dogs to go under tables, benches or general spaces where we need to be a little smaller. This month was full of a lot of practice. I am super proud of my achievements! If you follow my Instagram (padsmuse) you can see my skills in practice.

This month I was lucky to hang out with PADS Pumpkin’s raiser for a few days and it was pawsome. We went to YVR, the gym, on SkyTrain, and I met up with PADS Quill for a play date and snuggles.

I truly enjoy spending time with new people and new places. Our PADS Sitters and Raisers are amazing, so I get very excited when I see one that I know. They give the best scritches.

For December I will continue to be working on settling and relaxing in new places and regular hangouts. I like to watch people or get ready for any yummy treats or just fall asleep. Sometimes I just don’t want to miss out on what’s happening around me. The world is full of interesting places and things.

November was my “heat month” and I was sporting some “hot pants”. I did not have public access while in heat and needed to stick close to my raisers. They are awesome. Always helping me with learning my cues and daily, hourly and anytime ready for snuggles.

We are excited for December! Come on snow I have missed you. Best wishes to everyone.

Submitted By: Nicole Kopchia