The nights are getting longer, but the mornings are sooooo bright! I LOVE the morning. I burst out of the kennel (after being released, of course) to say good morning to everyone. Then I do my due diligence to ensure nothing is out of place since last night. BUT the best part of the morning is waiting for the golden kitchen cupboard to be opened, which contains a waterfall of kibble (drool sloppy drool). I dream about that waterfall! But in reality, it’s a measuring cup filled with yummy kibble! It doesn’t matter to me (But the kibble waterfall will always be in my dreams).

In PADS, we had a shuffle with our learning groups to ensure all pups can develop and learn within all stages. Class is still Zoom classes and no in-person sessions. I am working on working on my Heel & Side durations (always, durations). As well as my proper folding down.

Yup, I got a new raincoat and lots of new reflective lights so anyone can spot us on our night time walks.

December is just about here! That means silly puppy pictures will be coming!

Much love, Muse

Submitted by: Nicole & Ryan