Muse really enjoyed her time working on relaxing and other skills offsite with advanced sitter Ellen for 3 weeks. In November, Muse came back for a check-in with Margaret. Muse showed some nice growth with her separation anxiety and her vocalization when there was a barrier had greatly reduced. Great work, Muse! When it came to checking on how she felt about working in public spaces, Muse let us know that she preferred to hang up her cape and help change a life in a different way. We are pleased to say that Muse has made her soft landing into her new life as a Very Important Pet! She is looking forward to living her best pet life with all the cuddles! Thank you, and congratulations to all who helped Muse on her journey!

Thank you again for all your support of Advanced Dog Muse!

Submitted by: Ashley Siddals, Hearing and Service Dog Instructor