Octoberfest … I am loving all the fall delicious smells and crunchy leaves.

This month, The Story Litter turned “1” and the Thanksgiving Litter joined us to celebrate.  There were “bitey facey” games galore, then basically I slept for the rest of the day.  So much fun!

This month we worked on my “here” cue.  Right now, I get very, very, very excited (like a rocket) running to my handler.  Our trainer is having my raiser & me practice facing the opposite direction, then when “here” is called, I am being tested to come into a position right in front of my raiser.  So far so good!  I am also practicing my “go in” in little spaces.  I can’t seem to get my bubble butt to “go in”. This makes my raisers giggle!


I have been practicing at what they call “big box stores” like Home Depot, Costco, Walmart, HomeSense, etc.  All those people, carts and little kiddos and OH all the displays!  Halloween sounds in each store had scary things. I took it all in and watched carefully to see what each one did!  I always get kibble cookies, so it is easy to figure things out, knowing there is an award. Halloween was fun to go to our PADS Halloween Party! I especially enjoyed the bobbing for Hotdogs!  My raisers had me try on quite a few costumes.  I did not mind. The homemade Paper bag was my favourite.  With the “dress” cue my raiser had to hide the bag as every time I saw it, I wanted to put my head in it!

I think I am a very good girl!  Doing my very best every day, to be the best puppy-in-training!  Mucho Love from Muse!

Submitted By: Nicole Kopchia