September… Fall is here….

Life of a puppy-in-training is always full of new skills training and adventures. Our raisers often tell me I have more of a social calendar than them!

Day-to-day, I am working on settling and increasing my duration of cues. This month I spent time with my PADS Sitters. They help me to work on my cues with different handlers and being in new environments, not to mention new treats and TOYS. This month I have been enjoying my walks around the city and trails. I had many (yes its many) shopping experiences, out for dinner (love it when it’s a booth), watch soccer & basketball with the littles, farms & horses, schools, stumbled on some dinosaurs on a walk and even some time listening to live music. And if I have not mentioned it, we get to meet up with different PADS puppies and those are my favorite meetups!

I turn “1” next month and can’t wait to celebrate with my siblings and mama PADS Cadence.

Till next time. Much Love.

Submitted By: Nicole K