Nana went to sitters Cyndy & Dave at the beginning of the month while we went on a warm & sunny holiday, they said they really enjoyed her. Now that the border is open, Nana got to experience our cabin in Birch Bay for the first time, and she loved it. Since we hadn’t been at our cabin for so long, we had to replace everything in the pantry and fridge, so we did a lot of shopping, and Nana was a rock star. We took her to a few different places; one was an area where we do off-leash training, another one was the beach at Semiahmoo, where she got to smell all the interesting smells on the beach and learn not to eat the crab legs, yuck.

Nana spent a day at the Douglas College Vet program, she likes going, and they like having her. We did some training at Lougheed Mall, and there were lots of Christmas trees, it was very pretty. 

Nana & I watched the PADS grad, it was amazing, and I definitely had the PADS cold. We are so proud of all the dogs who graduated. We’re working hard on so many different things; one of Nana’s biggest challenges is meet & greets; she’s just a little too enthusiastic. 

The month started with a sunny walk in the forest and ended with a very wet walk with her brother Benji.

Submitted by: Alison