Lots of play dates and puppy sitter dates have been on Nootka’s agenda this month. She has been to beaches, forests, a bird sanctuary, and played with lots of other dogs (PADS pups and pets). She showed off her lovely playtime manners with zero inappropriate behaviour. A highlight of February was a beach romp with four other PADS dogs. They spent two hours of full on running and playing. It was fantastic to watch her first time in the ocean. We also went to the Serpentine Fen where we walked with three kids and three adults for about six kilometres on the trail. There we encountered probably forty dogs and she was great with everyone.

We are working on new cues like “Heel” and “Side” as well as “Here”. She is a bit confused over which side is which for heel/side and we work on that daily, both on and off leash. She has gotten good reports from her weekly sitter, Pattie Sanderson. She loves going there about once per week for a day. Nootka’s biggest victory has been her settling in public, in restaurants and coffee shops. I thank Terry for the extra help with that!

Goals for Nootka in March: more people socialization, duration on downs & sits, building her confidence with more kennel time while alone in house.

Submitted By: Caroline Lewis