Norris is a very easygoing dog. He is happiest curled up on his various sleeping spots with a Nylabone.

Norris has started going for off-leash walks and to off-leash dog parks. He enjoys a short play but is mostly interested in the people. He never wants to stay very long as his warm bed is calling.

He is learning that when he is in his vest he is not to seek love from every human he sees – not easy given every human melts upon sight of him. Norris is not going to break any land speed records for his loose leash walking … he is still working on sticky feet.

Norris is also learning guided down, shaping ‘bed’, front feet on platform and nose in a cone. Norris is getting good at a heel going down stairs but going up is trickier as his strength and co-ordination are not quite there yet. Similarly, Norris has a ‘heavy’ bum and defaults into going through a sit instead of front bow on his ‘down’. When nervous he also tucks his bum to the ground. We are working on that too.

He brings a great deal of love to our home and we are really enjoying him!

Submitted By: Kara Crawford