Hi there, Odie here……It is now April. And I forgot to mention that in March, I went on a long road trip to Calgary. Another PADS person took me to a farm where I worked with trainers Heather and Miranda. I was having trouble in my kennel. I didn’t like to go in it during the day. I didn’t like when my hooman left me, even for a short time. So Heather and Miranda helped me realize it was ok to be in the kennel once in a while. They said it was good for me to just relax and rest, so now, even though it is not my favourite place to go, I know my hooman doesn’t forget about me, and she lets me out. I had fun on the farm, but I was happy to get back home.

The weather was nice in April, and I went on lots of hikes with my hooman and other PADS friends.

Bye for now, Odie.

Submitted by: Kim