Hi, Odie here again! Wow, it is December, and the weather is still pretty good. We still go for nice hikes in the park by the water and sometimes with my friend PADS Vincent. We have a lot of fun together, but we still have to listen to our hoomans or we don’t get to play on the beach.

I have been learning different things like “It’s your choice.” I cannot touch or take anything unless my hooman says it is ok, even when the thing is sitting on my paw! It can be challenging, but if I listen, I get treats.

I didn’t get to spend my first Christmas with my hooman because she had to go away for a family emergency, and I went to a sitter. We drove a long way to a place called Comox. I got to run on a big beach. I hope you had a good Christmas and will catch up in the New Year!


Submitted By: Kim