Hello Odie here! Well, we are still following COVID rules but June has been fun for hiking and swimming and we did go to a restaurant where I tucked under the table where no one knew I was there. My hooman also has a pool so I get to go in when I feel too hot. I like to just sit on the stairs and cool down.

I have also come across a couple of things that I have never seen before, one was something that could fly. It liked flowers and was yellow and black. Very pretty! My hooman said it was a butterfly and that I shouldn’t try and eat it, so I just sniffed. The other thing I discovered was when we were on one of our hikes and I was going to go for a swim a big giant animal came down the beach, it scared me. I wasn’t sure what it was and it wanted to go for a swim too, but I thought he was a bit too big for me to play with. My hooman said it was a horse and I shouldn’t bark at it because I could scare him. I like to meet other new animals and people.

Bye for now, Odie

Submitted by: Kim