I had so much fun this month exploring new places and meeting new people. I absolutely love puppy class, and my favourite command, at the moment, is “perch”! I may have even won the “perch” contest! The humans say I am very clever.

This month I also visited restaurants and practiced my “go-in.” I have also been doing a lot of loose leash walking – the humans say I am a rockstar! Along with some of my PADS puppy friends, I represented PADS at an information booth at the farmer’s market. I was on my very best behaviour and showed everyone how awesome PADS dogs are!

I love to snuggle with the humans, but I am also quite content to relax on my bed or in my kennel. The humans say I am a confident and gentle soul who is eager to learn. I love to play with my friend, released PADS dog, Shea, and sometimes she even lets me snuggle her. I am a happy boy!

Submitted by: Hayley Saunders