Pal has discovered his new favorite thing…off-leash walks in Pacific Spirit Park. Pal has been working on his dog-to-dog social skills and now knows which dogs are fun to play with and who to stay away from. High-value treats to ensure that he comes back when called! Pal visited IKEA, and even I was amazed at how well he did. We walked right past children and stuffies, and he didn’t even stop for a sniff. Good dog! Dinner at a restaurant is still a little challenging for Pal. He has difficulty settling down, especially when there is food under the table! Another first this month was attending a church service. Pal wasn’t a fan of the singing but fell fast asleep during the sermon. When the music started up again, Pal had had enough, so I took him to walk the hallway before he started barking along. Everyone thought he was well behaved, so it was great exposure for PADS.

Submitted by: Lisa Anthony