Hi friends! 

My human has been very busy in October…something about work and real estate and COVID impacts. Anyways, she’s been working A LOT, and I can’t always go with her. I’m very good at being kenneled at home – human always gives me lots of kibbles and a delicious frozen kong. 

I still bark a lot for attention, so human hasn’t taken me for too many outings that require “calm.” I do get to visit the school every day with the little person, but we just hang around outside. All the kids love to say hi to me! It’s a bit overwhelming sometimes, and I get a bit jumpy. I see lots of dogs there too, and human says I have a 50% success rate with my DMTs. 

Apparently, November will start getting more interesting for me…human is going to start taking me to work more often. Plus, she says her work is going to get a bit more settled, so we can work on my “calm,” and i can start going out to more places. I just get so excited everywhere I go! 


Submitted by: Tracey M-L