I have spent a terribly productive month! I am learning so many new things! I am learning that just because I am now big enough to get on the hooman’s bed doesn’t mean that I should. I also learned to not shove Benebones into hoomans faces when I want to play. And I have been going on public transit and being an amazing bus companion (though apparently booping everyone as they get on the bus is not proper etiquette…I just want everyone to feel welcome!)

Hoomans fall more in love with me every month and say it is delightful to see me mature into a gloriously dorky puppy who loves to sploot in puddles, and snorts at alarmingly loud volumes when engaged in game of tug.

I am a very unique and wonderful pup who is trying very hard and we are all excited to see what adventures next month brings!

Submitted by: Bouncy Raiser