Peyto continues to be very sweet with our new puppy. When the puppy gets a little bit too excited Peyto will gently lower herself onto the puppy, and hold her there until she settles. She has never guarded food or acted aggressively towards the new puppy.
We continue to work with Peyto on her doggy distraction. Class is sometimes really hard for her, but she does really well with her recalls at the dog park. She has shown great improvement in this regard. Also at Mount Royal University where I work there are 3 other PADS dogs in training (Lego, Valour and Sim). She does get a little excited when she sees them out of cape, but “in cape” she does very well (see photo).
I also wanted to say how good she is with our kids. She goes to them if they’re upset or scared. She has never barked at them, and is very gentle with them. She has the ability to adjust how energetic she gets when she’s playing based on who she’s playing with (puppy, children, grownups (even between me and my husband). She is such a sweet dog. She has been so lovely to have in our lives. We know she’s going to be a great momma.

Submitted By: Adrienne Benediktsson