Peyto and I were out at the mall (Chinook) and in the TELUS store they have a large screen. There was a video of a hippopotamus on the screen, which seemed to confuse her. It was particularly interesting when the video of the hippo began wiggling its ears. Peyto cocked her head from side to side and would step forward and then back.  I don’t think she wasn’t quite sure what to do with it. She never showed signs of aggression, she merely seemed perplexed by this strange, large animal. Peyto also dressed up for Halloween. She didn’t seem to be overly bothered by wearing a costume, and took in the extra attention well. We are working on both dog distraction and people distraction. She still gets excited around other dogs, particularly off-leash. There are also certain people at my work who when she sees them she breaks focus. I will try to keep her more engaged.

Submitted By: Adrienne Benediktsson