My hooman and I spent August at the lake in Priest River. It was a beautiful August and I finally learned how to swim, I was fantastic at it. I wasn’t brave enough to jump off the dock, but was great at just walking in the water calmly. We did a day trip to Schweitzer Mountain and Farragut State Park, went on a wine tasting afternoon, and had some lunches out with my hooman.

I still bark at dogs passing by but my hooman and I are working on redirecting me as we walk by them. I just want to say hi to them and have a quick sniff, but I’m not allowed all the time. I was very curious when I saw a chipmunk cross in front of me and I could see fish in the lake but wasn’t able to get to them. I got some new toys while I was there and had lots of lazy days and naps in the sun.

Submitted by: Teresa Bonneau