December was a low-key month for me because I had my first heat but also very exciting because I stayed with new sitters while my raiser went to visit family. With all the holidays, we didn’t have many training classes, but we did go explore holiday decorations at Home Depot.

Since I had my heat, my raiser and I spent a lot more time at home, and I didn’t get to play with any other dogs for a while. This was a good time for me to practice settling inside. My raiser also took this opportunity to get me used to wearing new things like winter boots, my raincoat, and hot pants (I don’t like these so much, luckily, it’s just for when I am in heat).

For the whole second half of the month, I stayed with some amazing PADS sitters who helped me get used to settling in new places, being around more cats, and just being an all-around sweet girl.

Oh! I almost forgot! December 17th was my 1st birthday! I was in heat so that I couldn’t have a pawrty but my raiser got me an extra big new stuffed toy to cuddle with that looks just like the first toy she ever got me!

Submitted by: Siobhan