On November 10 I adventured into a new life with my raiser Lauren. Adventure was what I asked for, so it’s adventure I received!

We rode the skytrain on my very first day. It was a breeze. I cheered on the Lions into a win at BC place. I attended 6 different Vancouver Tech events and posed for quite a few pictures. I visited SFU in Burnaby and helped my raiser facilitate 2 lectures. Unfortunately my raiser caught the flu, so I ventured over to my friends Elyse, Keith and Fly’s house for a visit. I made “friends” with their cat too. I met some older dogs at PADS and I love to play with them, the bigger the better. I was invited to the office holiday party and watched everyone skate at the arena. I went to the Santa Claus parade downtown but, I missed Santa. I experienced snow for the first time. At first I just wanted to eat it, but then realized how fun it was to jump around in it. 

It’s safe to say I sleep through the night from my daily adventures. I’m busy right now actually, I’m heading to the Christmas Market to pick out some gifts for my sisters and brothers. I can’t wait to tell everyone what I’m up to next month!

Submitted By: Lauren MacKay