Poblano was really really excited with all the Christmas things all around him this past month. He visited with a big red bearded guy a couple of times and there was lots of music and lights and shiny baubles ….. it was really hard for him not to get so excited so it took a while for him to settle down. He really liked the challenge of getting those baubles off the inside tree and after a while, there weren’t any baubles on the bottom third of the tree so he settled for getting those christmasy cushions and tried to counter surf those goodies and nice smelly things there. But, “Mom” kept watching him and he HAD to settle to get treats….though I’m sure he got a few when no one was looking.

When we had our white Christmas, Poblano loved the snow and wasn’t afraid to get his head into it. He loved prancing in it and tried to help shovel the driveway. His feet didn’t quite like the salt on the sidewalks but he didn’t get any boots for Christmas…..maybe next year.

With all the excitement and distractions, “Mom” worked really hard on getting me to settle and I had to use my gentle leader whenever I got too excited (especially with other dogs) but she’s happy with my improvements. We both love cuddling together in front of the fireplace with the snow falling outside and the lights twinkling on the inside tree. Santa must have seen how good I was trying to be as I got lots of toys for Christmas.

With all the people coming to visit,( big and little ones) Poblano was getting better at not chasing or jumping but still doesn’t know what to do when the doorbell rings. The little people helped him figure out which toys he could and couldn’t play with but he sometimes get confused still.

Everyone at school loves visiting Poblano . He’s getting good at sitting without “mom” holding onto the leash and she’s been able to get more pictures with other people. You can see him with the Principal in front of the school tree and him with the Animal Rescue Club . “Mom” shared about what a great organization PADS is and I think the McRoberts community is seeing how good Poblano’s been getting. Poblano also had a pretty successful field trip with other Pads dogs at Metrotown and hasn’t had an indoor accident in quite a while now. There’s so many great things that Poblano is able to do…..”Mom” is so proud of him.

Submitted by: Sheila